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By Spicyhair | 24 July 2018 | 0 Comments

How To Wash Virgin Hair?


  Virgin hair extensions are considered high-quality hair. Unlike other synthetic hair varieties, virgin hair is usually unprocessed human hair obtained from a single donor. This makes virgin hair quite expensive and thus you need to know how to maintain it before and after installation. Washing virgin hair before and after installation is one of the primary procedures applied when conditioning your virgin hair to achieve a fresh and silky look. It is therefore important to know how to go about washing your virgin hair. The following steps will show you how to wash virgin hair successfully.

Step 1: Prepare For All The Items You Need To Wash Your Virgin Hair

  While this looks so obvious, you need to have all that you need ready before you begin to wash your virgin hair. You don’t need a written checklist but ensure that you have the following items ready for you:

• Conditioner
• Shampoo
• Towel/s
• Weft sealer
• Scissors/hair shears
• Wide tooth comb or a soft bristle comb

Step 2: Brush Your Virgin Hair

  Before you start working on your new virgin hair bundles inspect them to see if they’re intact. It is possible to return defective virgin hair bundles to the vendor before you unpack them and apply shampoo on them. So inspecting virgin hair bundles before washing them can save you money in case they are defective.

  You should always use a wide tooth or soft bristle to brush your virgin hair extensions using a bottom-up motion. This makes it easy to comb through the hair without pulling of the hair from their wefts. Using a wide tooth comb or soft bristle comb to brush the hair in a bottom-up motion also makes sure that you do not break the hair when you encounter tangled knots.

  For used virgin hair extensions, we recommend that you inspect the condition of the wefts. In case of broken wefts, use a weft sealant to seal the broken areas and avoid further damage as you brush and wash the virgin hair. You can also choose to reinforce the weft on your new virgin hair with the weft sealant.

Step 3: Prepare The Sink Or The Washing Bowl/Bucket

  Here you need to have a clean sink or washing bowl/bucket filled with warm water. It is not advisable to use hot water since hot water will damage the cuticles on the virgin hair by making them extremely porous. Cold water has the advantage of keeping the hair moisturized and healthy. However, in this case, you have to use warm water.

Step 4: Wash And Shampoo The Virgin Hair

  In this step hold the hair bundles by the wefts and wet them with warm water without fully immersing them in the water. This will prevent tangling and loosening of the weft. The best approach is to wet the hair by hand starting from the top down while taking care not to wet the weft too much.

  Following this step, you can then apply shampoo on the hair using your fingers to rub it into the hair. We recommend that you stick to alcohol-free shampoo to avoid damaging the delicate virgin hair. Having applied shampoo to all the hair carefully rinse off the shampoo with the warm water without necessarily immersing the virgin hair in the water entirely.

Step 5: Conditioning The Virgin Hair

  This step involves applying conditioner on the hair by rubbing it into the hair until every bundle is soaked in conditioner. After soaking each bundle with conditioner, let the bundles stay for about 15 to 30 minutes at most and then rinse out the conditioner completely.

  At this point, you can place every rinsed bundle on a dry towel to drain out excess water.

Step 6: Air Dry The Virgin Hair

  After cleaning the hair, lay it out to air dry taking note not to place them under direct sunlight to avoid damage. Having made the hair clean you can go ahead and use a pair of scissors or hair shears to trim split ends in case you are dealing with older and previously installed virgin hair. In this step, you need to apply essential oils on the clean virgin hair to give it a smooth, flawing, and silky look.

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